Nitrogen Cartridges (N2) for Nitro Coffee (3pack)
  • 3x10 Packs of Whip It Brand Nitro Coffee (N2) Chargers (30 total chargers)

  • Filled with the purest food-grade nitrogen gas

  • Made from the highest-grade, 100% recyclable steel

  • Compatible with Nitro Tapp & all standard cream dispensers

Nitro Cartridges

Nitro cartridges, also known as N2 cartridges or nitro coffee chargers are using for making nitro coffee, nitro tea, nitro cocktails & more. Our nitro cartridges are 2 grams each & we recommend using 2 when making nitro coffee with you Nitro Tapp

Whip-it Nitro Coffee Chargers

Create premium quality nitro cold brew coffee with Whip-It Nitro Coffee Chargers!  Indulge in the rich, smooth and creamy sensation of cold brew coffee and other exceptional nitro-infused beverages. It is the perfect choice for professional application and home use.

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$5 From every Nitro Tapp sold is donated to charity. 

So Much Yes

You’re not only saving money from expensive coffee shops while helping reduce single use plastic, you're also becoming healthier with reduced sugar & calorie intake with foamy silky smooth nitro coffee from Nitro Tapp.

Every Purchase 

Gives Back

Every purchase from Nitro Tapp gives back to a charity or cause of your choice. You can select from x cause & find one that aligns with your values upon check out. 

Reduce Sugar - Nitro Coffee

If you're like 75% of coffee drinkers, you like to add a sweeter to coffee. Depending on your choice of coffee creamers or sweetners, you could be adding 69-140 calories & up to 24 grams of sugar per cup of coffee. 2 cups of coffee alone could exceed your recommended daily allowance of sugar. 

*Sources: Consumption of Coffee and Tea with Add-ins in Relation to Daily Energy, Sugar, and Fat Intake in U.S. Adults, Eat This Not That temperature resistant borosilicate glass.

Tea, Cocktails or 

Soda Water

Adding nitro is not just for coffee. Spice up your tea, cocktails or anything you can imagine with the silky smooth effects of nitro. You can even create soda water or carbonated beverages. The possibilities are endless.


Matte Black





64 ounces

How to use

Nitro Coffee

from home

  • 1

    Add up to 48 ounces of cold brew coffee & replace lid on Nitro Tapp

  • 2

    Add Nitrogen (2 gram N2) or Nitrous Oxide (8 gram N20) cartridge to infuse nitro into the coffee

  • 3

    Shake for 15-20 seconds 

  • 4

    Place in fridge for 1 hour

  • 5

    Enjoy your silky, smooth nitro coffee

Reduce your sugar intake as much as 24 grams per cup.


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