nitro coffee facts & faqs

Nitro Coffee F.A.Qs 

What is Nitro Coffee?

Nitro Coffee is coffee (usually cold brew coffee) that has been infused with nitrogen. Nitro Cold Brew Coffee has become the top trend in coffee due to its unforgettable silky, smooth, creamy texture with a sweeter flavor & less acidity than conventional coffee. Nitro coffee does not need sugar, creamer or milk making it the healthiest (and most delicious) way to drink coffee.

Is Nitro Brew Coffee Healthier?

Yes, it certainly is. The sweet & creamy flavor of nitro infused coffee makes black coffee taste delicious & most people don’t need to add sugar milk or creamer. Nitro cold brew is the healthiest way to drink coffee. If you are a sweet tooth & do decide to add a sweetener, you will greatly reduce the sugar & calories needed. With lower acidity it's a great option for people with sensitive stomachs.

How long is Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Good For?

While inside the keg, your nitro infused coffee will remain good for 1-2 weeks. Nitrogen is a natural preservative & greatly increases the life span of coffee.

Is Nitro Coffee Vegan, Vegetarian & Keto?

Yes it is! Making at home nitro cold brew is a very popular option for vegans, vegetarians, keto & other sensitive diets. With zero sugar, calories or carbs it’s the perfect coffee options for those trying to reduce their sugar & calorie intake.

Is Nitro Coffee Safe?

Nitro is an odorless & transparent naturally occurring gas that is 100% safe to use in beverages. It has been used in drinks for hundreds of years & was popularized by Guinness. It’s safe, healthy & delicious!

Can you make hot Nitro Coffee?

Absolutely! After you pour a delicious cup from your Nitro Tapp, you can heat it up as you see fit.

Can I make Nitro drinks other than Nitro Coffee?

With our at home nitro cold brew machine, you can make Nitro Tea, Nitro Cocktails, Nitro Juice, Nitro Water and just about anything you can image. Adding silky smooth nitro will spice up just about any beverage. Creative new nitro drink ideas are part of the fun. 

If you use a (CO2) cartridge, instead of Nitro, you can make carbonated beverages such as soda water and carbonate beer (that has not been pre-carbonated).

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