10 Reasons to Switch to Nitro Brew Coffee + Calorie Savings Calculator

Jun 15, 2023
10 Reasons to Switch to Nitro Brew Coffee + Calorie Savings Calculator

Switch to Nitro Brew Coffee

With the new, Nitro Coffee Sugar & Calorie Savings Calculator, you can see the health benefits & how much you can reduce your sugar & calorie content by switching to Nitro Brew.

It's well known sugar & calories have poor effects on our health. Reducing sugar & calories is a great way improve health & hit any weight loss goals you may have.

The only way to be sure of how much sugar & calories are in your coffee is by checking the ingredients. Be aware that artificial sugars or fake creamer can have lots of unwanted sugar, fat and calories added.

Here's a little tip: if you're buying from Starbucks, skim milk has less than half as many calories per ounce. Even better, drink nitro cold brew from Starbucks (with no sweet cream added) or make your own nitro coffee at home with Nitro Tapp.

The Nitro Calorie and Sugar Savings Calculator will show how much you can save by switching to nitro coffee. We created this calculator so that you know exactly what would happen if you made the switch to nitro.

Depending on how many cups of joe you drink a day or how many trips you take to Starbucks or your favorite coffee shop, the benefits could be astronomical & delicious.

What is Nitro Cold Brew?

Nitro cold brew is a method of making coffee that is cold-brewed with nitrogen. Cold brew coffee produces a sweeter taste than when brewed using hot water and it reduces acidity in the final product. It's not your average every day iced cold coffee.
Cold brew is easy to make at home & does not require any fancy equipment (just some coffee grounds (ideally coarsely ground coffee although any will work great) cold brew bags & a jar or pitcher). Some people even make a batch of a cold brew concentrate with a french press. 
In 2021 most local cafe's are carrying at least one keg of nitro cold brew coffee on tap.
When adding nitrogen to cold brew coffee the nitrogen bubbles infuse into the coffee & creates a rich, creamy texture that is completely different from standard cold brew. Nitro infused cold brew coffee has been described as smoother & more creamy than traditional brewed coffee. 
Nitro cold brew offers up a truly unique experience with rich flavor notes that are more pronounced than regular iced coffee thanks to its nitrogen gas infusion process. It's brewed for 8-24 hours (suited to taste) at less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit so it doesn't over extract like traditional hot brewing methods do, resulting in smoother tasting coffee without any bitterness or acidity.
Nitro cold brew is so much sweeter & smoother that milk, sugar, creamer, etc. are not required, making this the healthiest way to drink coffee. It's also arguably the most delicious way to drink coffee. 
Pouring a nitro cold brew is reminiscent of pouring a Guinness beer on tap. The beautiful cascade effect is a mesmerizing work of liquid art.
Besides reducing your calorie & sugar intake & saving money from Starbucks, making your own nitro coffee at home has many perks.  
Enjoy our Nitro Coffee Sugar & Calorie Savings Calculator & see for yourself how much dreaded sugar or evil calories could be saved by switching to nitro brew. 

1. Nitro Cold Brew Coffee is Delicious

Adding nitrogen to beverages adds a silky smooth taste & creamy consistency that is hard to describe but unforgettable once tasted. The flavor is sweeter & almost like a milk or creamer has been added. 
Guinness is the original brand that popularized to use of nitro in beverages. The iconic cascading foam from a pour of Guinness beer is recognizable worldwide. We are so thankful they did.

2. Nitro Cold Brew Coffee is Vegan & Keto Friendly

Nitro coffee is vegan, keto & friendly to most diets. It is free of carbohydrates, calories, and sugar. The same cannot be said for traditional brewed coffees, lattes, cappuccinos, etc which almost all contain dairy, creamers and other animal products like butter. Many additives found in traditional coffee are very unhealthy & should be avoided at all costs.

3. Skip the Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew Line

Skip the expensive Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew & make nitro cold brew at home with Nitro Tapp or a more expensive & complex home nitro coffee kegerator setup. The Nitro Tapp system is a portable, nitro coffee maker that makes Starbucks quality nitro coffee at home. 

3. Skip the Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew Line

Skip the expensive Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew & make nitro cold brew at home with Nitro Tapp or a more expensive & complex home nitro coffee kegerator setup. The Nitro Tapp system is a portable, nitro coffee maker that makes coffee shop quality nitro coffee at home. 

4. How much caffeine is in a nitro cold brew?

Cold brew as well as nitro cold brew do actually have have more caffeine than traditional coffee. Cold brew coffee is brewed at room temperature or lower, for a longer period of time. This extracts more caffeine & flavor from the beans. 
That's how nitro cold brew has an extra kick in your cup! Having more caffeine in your nitro brew lets you get the effects by drinking less than you normally would. 

5. Nitro Cold Brew have less acidity

Traditional coffee is brewed hot which releases a lot more acidity from the beans as well as some bitter off flavors. Nitro cold brew tastes smoother then traditional brewed coffee, and has less acidity. The lowered acidity is helpful for those with sensitive stomachs & prevents common issues like heartburn. 

6. Nitro Coffee is Healthier

Yes, Nitro Coffee is healthier than traditional coffee. Nitro gas itself has zero sugar or calories, & black coffee has practically zero sugar or calories itself, making this the healthiest way to drink that sacred cup of coffee. 
Black coffee is horribly bitter & few people can drink it without a dairy, creamer or a sweetener of some kind. Nitro infused coffee is as healthy as drinking black coffee without the bitter intense taste. 

7. Nitro Brew Has Less Calories

Yes, nitro coffee has no sugar or calorie content. Regular coffee additives such as creamer, milk and sugar can have lots of sugar & calories. Though black coffee itself is bitter without these additions, it's still the healthiest way to drink coffee because it contains zero carbohydrates (sugar) or any fat like creamers do. 

8. Brew Nitro Tea, Cocktails & more

You can also enjoy nitro coffee with other drinks. You're in luck because you can brew it with tea, cocktails & more! Nitro is an invisible tasteless gas (that is safe for consumption in beverages) that creates the signature rich and creamy taste that makes nitro drinks something truly special. 
Think about making a silky smooth Nitrogen Gin & Tonic, or an Nitro Old Fashioned. How about Nitro Orange Juice? The possibilities are endless.

9. Nitro Cold Brew is the Top Trend in Coffee in 2021

The reviews are in & they are overwhelmingly positive. Nitro cold brew is the next big thing in the world of specialty drinks. You can find nitro on tap everywhere with a keg of nitro cold brew at your local coffee shop, nitro stouts on tap at breweries to an upscale restaurant serving a nitro craft cocktail. 
If you want to be ahead of the coffee trend curve, making nitrogenated coffee with a nitro coffee brewer in your own kitchen, is a great way to gain coffee street cred. Not just obsessed coffee lovers are jumping on the nitro train.

10. Making Nitro Coffee is Very Easy & Forgiving

Making nitro brew at home is a lot easier than you might think. Nitro coffee brewing is easy and forgiving. When it comes to measurement errors, small mistakes in ratios don't make a big difference in taste or aroma profile when making cold brew. 
When adding nitrogen to cold brew it becomes even more forgiving. You don't need to be a barista or understand coffee science to make an epic batch nitro brew. Every batch of nitro cold brew served seems to taste amazing which makes it lots of fun to brew. 

Is Nitro Gas Safe to Consume?

Nitrogen gas is different than carbon dioxide (C02) gas used in beer, soda & other beverages. CO2 is heavier than nitrogen gas. When you add the carbon dioxide to coffee, it will sink and make bubbles on top of the liquid while nitrogen doesn't have that affect. 
The bubbles in nitrogen gas are much smaller & make a smoother texture without the bite we are used to in soda & beer. Nitro brew has a really cool effect where when you pour some out in your glass or mug, there are these beautiful cascading waves (also known as "the nitrogen cascade").
Nitro coffee is much easier on the stomach. The gas doesn't expand in your stomach like C02 which can cause bloating and discomfort after consuming it, while nitrogen gas will not do that to you as it's a natural product of life found everywhere around us.
Thousands just like you switched to Nitro Cold Brew Coffee
Here at Nitro Tapp, we know nitro is the future of coffee & are on a mission to spread the word of delicious nitro make the world's best-tasting coffee & reduce the need for sugar & additives in coffee & other beverages. Make the switch to nitro brew today, your future self will thank you. 
This calculator also shows the equivalent of the the potential health benefits of saved sugars, calories & potential weigh loss in pounds if they were consumed over the course of one, week, month & year by switching to nitro cold brew coffee!

Consumption of Coffee and Tea with Add-ins in Relation to Daily Energy, Sugar, and Fat Intake in U.S. Adults, Eat This Not That
**Please note these are not exact figures & everybody type is different. They could be much more or much less depending on particular flavor preferences & how many cups of coffee you drink a day. 

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