Rich, decadent nitro coffee at home.

No sugar needed.

At home nitro cold brew coffee maker.


When nitro is infused with black coffee it creates a silky, smooth explosion of flavor that needs no sugar or creamer. Our top rated nitro coffee maker does just that. Better coffee, without the calories = WIN WIN.


If you’re one of the 3/4 of us that drink their coffee with a sweeter such as sugar, creamer, it's time to get rid of the excess sugar with Nitro Tapp. Our food grade stainless steel nitro infuser creates a creamy, silky & smooth coffee that is less acidic, sweeter & more delicious, all without any sugar, cream or milk.

Mouth watering nitro coffee used to be only available with thousands of dollars in fancy equipment or at $6-7 a cup at select coffee shops. Now you can reduce your sugar intake & make a more delicious cup of coffee at home with Nitro Tapp.

    • Stylish food grade 64oz stainless steel nitro coffee maker

    • Specialty nitro tapp for maximum creaminess

    • Premium nitro infuser for nitrogen cartridges (N2) or nitrous oxide (N20) cartridges. 

    • Nitro Tapp set includes 10 pack Nitro Cartridges, detailed instructions, cleaning, preparation & nitro coffee maker

    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    nitro tapp nitro coffee maker

    Nitro Cold Brew has a natural sweet tase without sugar,  is less acidic, has a silky smooth mouthfeel & a cascade 

    effect when poured.

    Nitro Tapp

    Nitro Coffee at home on tapp.

    So Much Yes

    You’re not only saving money from expensive coffee shops while helping reduce single use plastic, you're also becoming healthier with reduced sugar & calorie intake. Did we mention the foamy nitro cold brew from Nitro Tapp is delicious?

    Save Money

    Nitro Coffee is often $6 or more at local coffee shops. Save money by making coffee shop quality nitro cold brew from the comfort of home with the #1 nitro coffee maker.

    Reduce Sugar - Nitro Coffee

    If you're like 75% of coffee drinkers, you like to add a sweetener to coffee. Depending on your choice of coffee creamer or sweetener, you could be adding 69-140 calories & up to 24 grams of sugar per cup of coffee. 2 cups of coffee could exceed your recommended daily allowance of sugar. 

    *Sources: Consumption of Coffee and Tea with Add-ins in Relation to Daily Energy, Sugar, and Fat Intake in U.S. Adults, Eat This Not That

    Tea, Cocktails or Soda Water

    Adding nitro is not just for coffee. Spice up your tea, cocktails or anything you can imagine with the silky smooth effects of nitro. You can even create soda water or carbonated beverages. The possibilities are endless.

    At Home Nitro Cold Brew with Coffee Shop Quality Taste

    nitro cold brew coffee maker

    Nitro coffee is healthier & more delicious

    Reduce your sugar intake as much as 24 grams per cup.

    Nitro Tapp has been a massive game-changer for me. I LOVE coffee but it's too bitter to drink it black. I can skip the sugar & cream with nitro cold brew but I can't afford $6-$7 coffee shop prices. Nitro Tapp solves my coffee problems.